• 01. How can I track my development activities?

    Records of all of the on-demand courses you take through us are available on this site when you login.

  • 02. How do I purchase and access courses?

    Simply explore the course listing, select the desired course and login or register, and purchase the course via PayPal. This gives you access to take the course, complete the quiz, and download and print your certificate of completion. That simple!

  • 03. What score do I need to pass a course?

    The passing score required by most certifying bodies is either 70 or 80%; therefore we have elected to go with the most rigorous requirement of 80% for our courses.  However you may study and take the quiz for any course as many times as necessary to master the content and achieve the passing score, after which you can download and print your certificate.

  • 04. Do I have to be online the entire time?

    You don't need to be online the entire time. You may print the course materials and study them off-line, at your convenience during the 30 day course completion window. 

  • 05. Can I take the test without completing the learning links?

    You can view and take the course tests without completing the individual course concept learning links and individual review questions contained throughout the course content. The course test requires a passing score of 80% and you may take the test as many times as needed to achieve the passing score, after which you can download and print your certificate of completion.

  • 06. What is the difference between a PDH and a CEU?

    There is essentially no different between a Professional Development Hour (PDH) and a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) except the quantity. One clock hour = One PDH = 0.1 CEUs; or stated differently, Ten clock hours = Ten PDHs = One CEU.

  • 07. Are there 20 questions for every test?

    There are 20 questions for courses that are 4 hours in length. This is because many accrediting bodies require 5 questions per instructional hour and since most of our courses are 4 hours in length 20 questions are required. You may however take the exam as many times as needed to achieve a passing score of 80% during the 30 day course completion window.

  • 08. Are Penn College credits recognized in all states?

    As an accredited university, Penn College is an "approved provider" of continuing education in all 50 states.

    Please note: While Penn College is an approved provider in all 50 states, acceptance of individual courses may vary. Should you have specific questions, please contact the individual state or occupational discipline regulatory board.

  • 09. Where can I find state continuing education requirements?

    The number of CEUs or PDH units required for license renewal varies by occupational discipline and jurisdiction. For U.S. states that require continuing professional competency activities, it is typically between 12 to 15 hours if renewed annually or 24 to 30 hours if renewed biennially. The easiest place to locate specific occupational and/or state requirements is to visit the specific state's website.

  • 10. Do you offer customized programs?

    We have the capability to provide customized assessments and programs. Our network of Professional Associated has the qualifications and experience to provide a variety of customized solutions to meet specific client needs. Most of our Professional Associates have at least 10 years of industry experience at the managerial level or higher, an advanced degree, and proven teaching skills with adults.

  • 11. Are Courses Competency Based?

    Yes, our programs are aligned with a research-based Competency Model comprised of 35 competency dimensions that have been found to be associated with successful performance in leadership and professional roles. The Model is based on extensive  research with both public and private sector organizations and is aligned with other activities supported by the U.S. Department of Labor.

    the framework is used to help identify training and professional development needs. The Model illustrated here shows the 35 competency dimensions grouped into five clusters. All of our courses are anchored to one of the five clusters to simplify locating appropriate courses to meet specific learner needs. 

  • 12. Do you have affiliations with any other colleges or universities?

    Yes, Penn College is networked with universities all over the world and is an active academic participant in the Conference on Management and Executive Development.


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